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Over the course of 6 weeks, E
xercise Times is holding a 6-week challenge!

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We are going to give you every bit of information that you will need to make sure that you get the most out of the upcoming 6 weeks and look your best! 

28 Day fat belly burning formula

In 21 days, you can begin a new lifestyle with a focus on fitness overall health and wellness. Right now, Exercise Times is offering a 21 pass for $21!

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That's $21 for Personal Training in a small group atmosphere to help jump start your fitness goals. Regardless of your fitness level or previous experience.

Tighten and firm up your body, solidify your fitness goals and experience what Exercise Times has to offer for just $21.

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                     The contest will run EVERY 6 WEEKS!                                       

As a fitness trainer, when people come to me, the number one thing they ask for is to help them get abs – a flatter belly. 

Now, since I like to experiment with different workouts,  cardio programs and eating plans I tend to use my clients as Guinea pigs.
And I think I discovered the perfect flat belly formula. Now I say I think because up until now I've only tested this with my current clients. I've never used this system with every day people – you know, folks who have not worked out for a while if ever. 

The price for this new 28 Day Fat Belly Burning Formula is only $97.00.

The price includes the following:

1. The option to continue training with me and a part of your proceeds goes to your new contract!

2. Done-for-you meal plans to help you increase your metabolism and burn fat. 

3. Work outs for three to five times per week in a small group setting.
While this offer is not available to my current clients, my current clients may refer a friend and get a discount off one month of your membership.  

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