I had received the results of my annual blood work done at my place of employment. My A1C level was too high and I was advised to follow-up with my family doctor. My family Dr. told me that I had to make a quick change and if I didn't she would have to diagnose me with diabetes. Knowing that diabetes is in my family history we made a plan that I would exercise more and work toward losing 10% of my body weight. She assured me that if did those things I could correct this health challenge. So, I set out to find a gym and someone to help me exercise properly. I joined the Main Street Gym in Fort Mill and that's where I found Jovon offering a free session with him. I signed up and honestly thought I would die after the first session. I found out real quick how weak and out of shape I was. Jovon encourages me, but yet holds me accountable which is a good thing for me. He pushes me much harder than I would ever push myself. Consequently, I just had my re-visit with the Dr. and all of my numbers were way down including a major drop in the A1C....Yea! I had dropped over 10% of my body weight. I feel like I have built up some muscle, a lot more than I had before working with Jovon. I have also not been bothered with so much inflammation in my hip which had previously required a shot of cortisone nor have I been bothered by a trigger finger. I am assuming that being more active, stretching, building muscle, and reducing sugar intake have all contributed to this change. The only obstacle that would have kept me from buying your service was cost. Then I figured up how much my share of medical costs and my discomfort with having the cortisone shots and decided he was indeed a great bargain and a much healthier option. You will find Jovon fun to work with and very engaged in helping you progress and meet your goals. He always explains what the objective of the excercise is and what part of the body we are targeting. He makes it interesting by providing different training techniques so that it doesn't become boring. I intend to continue working with him because I have years of experience of knowing I can't do it on my own. I know I could make even greater progress if I do more cardio on my own. I could only suggest that you use him sooner rather than later. He is helping this senior citizen prepare for a better retirement and a better quality of life. Start while you are young and keep it up! - Karen V.


I heard about Jovon through my boyfriend who is a member of the gym where Jovon is a trainer. I am now a member of that gym and use Jovon as my personal trainer. I had gained a lot of weight over the previous months and needed to get in shape. Jovon has been training me for around two months now and I have lost several pounds but more importantly several inches. I am so excited about that and it's all because of the excellent physical training from Jovon. He is very professional yet personal, taking his time with me to do everything correctly. He's very patient and makes the training fun. I would gladly recommend him to anyone. He will definitely help you get in shape. - Paulette M
You couldn't ask for a more effective, motivating, jovial trainer than Jovon. I was fortunate enough to meet him through a 90-day challenge I signed up for with Jovon as the trainer. It took no time to see how awesome he is! He always has a smile on his face, listens to your needs, gets you through the workout you think you can't do and never has you do the same workout twice. I have seen a great difference in strength and stamina in just a few months. He is the perfect fit for my fitness needs!! - Brenda T.
Jovon was recommended by a health coach I was seeing. I've had other trainers, but Jovon was different than the ones that I had assigned to me at the gyms. He knows about how muscle groups work together and how to work more groups at once with his routines. After going to him about a month, I needed him to adjust my routine some as I just found out about some issues with my spine as well as had a pinched nerve. He did a fantastic job at finding exercises I could do that still gave a great work out without injuring or increasing my discomfort from what was going on with my body. I would readily recommend Jovon Times for anyone who truly wants to get in shape. - Denise C.
After purchasing a month’s worth of training sessions on Groupon, I met Jovon for an initial consultation. At that time I was finally determined to take charge of my life and make a commitment to doing something for ME. I was tired of feeling sorry for myself and accepting that I had to continue in my “current” state. I realized I needed an accountability partner in my weight loss journey. Needless to say this conclusion came months after starting a weight loss program and once again falling off – a typical roller coaster ride for me – followed by several months of doing nothing at all. I decided I wanted to live and live longer for me and for my child. That day I said when I die, let it not be because of something that was within my control to change about me!  

I almost didn’t become one of his clients because I didn’t want to start something again and not follow through with it. Thus, I was doubting tenacity and commitment before I even gave it a shot. However, Jovon called to set up the consultation, so I had to go. My first session with Jovon was exhilarating and excruciating at the same time!!! After a few weeks, I told him that I looked forward to coming and was excited about leaving, but I was still on the fence with that in between stuff!! Honestly, I do love the difference I feel after every session with Jovon.  

He has helped me developed a daily schedule to ensure that I’m moving every day. He also has given loads of advice on nutrition along with modified exercises for my specific issues. It’s not easy, but it is so worth it! I could not have found a better trainer for me – and I’m something to deal with. :-) Great Job, Jovon!!!!
- Kateera C.